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An acronym use in The Bahamas. It Stand for Respect My Gangster. It is More of a symbol than a frase.
RMG Or else i'm going to deal with you accordingly
#rose nation #bing bing #2k13 #242 #room 23
by Djkilz June 27, 2013
Stands for 'Rich Man's Games'.
Denotes a topic/activity that suggests a disregard for common applications of wealth.
Usually something extremely unnecessary and for the simple pleasure of being able to.
"Dude, check out the drift pad with Ferrari's"


"They built a solid gold Lamborghini"
#rmgs #rmg's #rmgs' #r-m-g #r-m-g's #r-m-gs'
by Lawagetas October 06, 2011
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