RMDS stands for Real Men Drive Stick
Silly people drive automatic in sports cars.
Wow, that vette is an automatic? RMDS dude
by The AB January 07, 2008
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Respect My Dick
1. Them hoes actin up? Tellem to RMD, they'll straighten up.

2. Fool#1: Man shut up!

Fool#2: Brah u betta RMD!

3. Shout out to "Person" for RMD!
by xDjxIconx October 12, 2011
"Ride My Dick"
Girl: Hey, can you give me a ride to the store?
Guy: No, bitch. But you can RMD!
Girl: Okay, then you'd give me a ride after?
Guy: sureee.
by thatdudee October 01, 2011
"Rubbing My Dick"
Guy 1:(texting) Hey man what you doing?
Guy 2: ahh nothing, just RMD
Guy 1: hmmm tasty
by Jordan likes anal September 21, 2011
"Ruin My Day"

People use it when something/ someone does something to ruin a person's day.
Guy 1: How was your day today?
Guy 2: It sucked. Everything was going great until I went upstairs and saw that the toilet overflowed. It totally RMD..
Guy 1: Aww dude, that does suck!
by NayPenguin June 30, 2011
"Rain Man Dan" rapper straight out of the V-I-C, VICTORIA BC!
"cuz im a criminal, and my chances of survival are minimal"-RMD
by AMA123 November 24, 2006

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