RKS or "Random Key Strokes" layman's terms for a lack of kerning in typography. Or term used by person who is unfamiliar with keyboard shortcuts to achieve pleasing gestalt in typography.
W hy does the first letter in every headline look Odd?

Oh that's a wicked case of RKS !
by cowbellz December 07, 2010
Top Definition
Rich Kid Syndrome
its when rich kids do dumb stuff to "rebel"
ie. robbing (like the bling ring)
getting involved in drugs
getting involved in gangs (for those who feel like they need to constantly prove theyre not spoiled"
taking daddy's car for a joy ride and then crashing it
Sean: Did you hear that Evan is going to jail for life?
Jenna: Yeah I heard he robbed a guy and shot his dog
Sean: Classic RKS
by richierichkid June 28, 2013
An amusingly funny guy.

Saves petrol by cruising without his engine on..... until he reaches the bottom of his hill when he restarts the engine.

See also 'Real American Hero'...
'Oh look theres RKS *Flump* Oh he's gone'
by RandomHero February 12, 2004
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