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Run jump hide. A group of people located in nor cal they are involved in crimes such as robbary assult home invasions and the selling of fire arms and drugs!
Rjh ytp hustlers gangsters thugs
by rjhin April 16, 2010
Describes group of guys who try to get girls drunk in order to have sex with them.
Yo, stay away from those dudes, girl. They're RJH.
by Anonymous November 03, 2004
acronym for "raping juvenile hoes"
originated in the Bay area of California in the 1990s
Pretty much it is used by guys that can't get with anyone their own age, so they prey on girls 10+ years younger and make it sound cool by claiming that they are "RJH" and acting like its a hella cool clique or something
"I'll be RJH til I die."
by FritoLay December 05, 2005
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