To have sex in someone else's bed with a complete stranger.
Did you hear about Paul? He RJ'd last night with that girl at the bar.
by jchilla November 27, 2004
abbreviation for "Reflection Journal"
Person 1:"Hai der dude, what'cha doing?"
Person 2: "My RJ.."
Person 1: "What's an RJ?"
Person 2: "Reflection Journal lawl..xD, have you done yours?"
Person 1: " Oh!! Yeah."
by MilkyWayX3 August 01, 2009
To be described as a Drunk Slut - Motherfucker Pedo. Has sex with total strangers - has hiv/aids.
Old Mother of RJ's Friend: Hey you know your friend that RJ guy?
Son: Yeah why?
Mother: He sexxed me last night it was heaven!
by FoxMachine July 11, 2008
Better known as a RUB JOB; where you are hard and briskly rubbed on the outside of your pants
Damn! That Russian Stripper gave me the best RJ of my life last night. I wish it had been an H or BJ.
by White Stallion July 12, 2008
The Acronym RJ (pronounced arr-Jay) is derived from the ancient folk word RamJam of the sand dancing tribal clan of South Sheilds (pronounced sowf sheeelds-like).
RamJam, originally the name of the ancient clan's god of anger, has now been adopted as a modern day term to describe one's 'loss of patience' and is often used to describe an all out 'fit of rage'.
Fucking tube was 10 minutes late, I choked on me cherry coke, got loads of shit of the boss and finally got sent to Switzerland for a week of work, that was it, I had a RIGHT RAMJAM and smashed me crib up !
by JR March 08, 2005
the act of giving one a rim job
ho, give me an rj
by mattyfun January 08, 2004
short for Rim job
so what if i didn't wipe, give me an rj!
by matt January 08, 2004

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