Rough Justice,

where the truth is delivered in a harsh yet honest way.

Or when the law is taken into one's own hands, in a justified manner.
Someone makes an ignorant comment and they are shut down in and agressive manner e.g. "shut up idiot", Yeah he was talking crap about you bra, so I R-J'd his ass.

Or say for example someone is caught shoplifting and instead of calling the cops, they get a beat down from the shop owner.

"Yeah bra, I gave some R-J to that thieving fool."

There are many other types of rough justice, generally justified roughness.
by ROUGHJUSTICE May 24, 2009
Top Definition
an absolute cutie and therefore sweetie;
a great actor and wonderful young man;
somebody with really pretty eyes
I couldn't take my eyes off RJ as he performed on stage.
RJ has really pretty eyes...
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
On the outside sometimes a complete jerk but on the other hand can be the nicest, guy he just doesnt/dont know how too show it. also a big pervert but can be sweet also. cutie. but annoyin at times. is in love with Dp.
No good example.
by Ms89 June 28, 2004
A total hottie;
one of the greatest guys i know
and a brain surgeon!!HAHA
I Freakin Love RJ with all my heart!!
by Love.Jessa. December 26, 2007
Meaning all knowing... a.k.a. Genius
Look at that RJ, we are not even smart enough to be in her presence.
by Sonic Clark April 14, 2011
1. sexie ass motha fo. usually equipped with a graciously sized johnson.

2. sweet hunk of man with beautiful blue eyes.

3. world's sexiest chef.

4. rayjay, rev. rayjay johnson, mr.rj...

5. sweet and caring, one woman kinda guy with strict morals that he likes to live by.
Man, when I saw that RJ, I couldn't take my eyes off him.
by rayjay October 04, 2004
Can be an abbreviation for someones name. Usually a guy. Such as: Ralph John, Ronald Junior, Richard Johnson etc. . .
Yo, R.J. is the fucking duu.
by anonymous unknown March 20, 2006
a genius in math, science, sports, shop, PE, History
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
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