Rochester Institute of Technology;
A university, defined as:
Time for work, Time for play, Time for sleep; at RIT, choose two.
I haven't slept in weeks, but the assignment is done AND I have a date on Friday. Hopefully I won't crash beforehand, but let's be honest: this is RIT and the date is just with my xBox and a bag of Cheetos.

I get eight hours of sleep every night, and have a 4.0, but I don't do anything else. My friends are gone, and I should really transfer from the brick hellhole that is RIT.

At RIT, students are on a quarter system, but they still take as many courses as semester students do. They cram 15 weeks worth of class contact hours into 10, and then complain about their lack of foresight for attending RIT.
by RITslacker May 15, 2009
A place whose gender ratio is only made fun of by guys who wouldn't be able to get girls even if they went to school where the ratio was reversed in their favor.

Located in NORTHWEST Henrietta.
I suck at life, so I make fun of my school (RIT) to make an excuse for how lame I am.
by StopThinkingYoureCool November 13, 2005
a shortened, more discrete term for calling someone a retard.
Jason: Sean fell off the table what a retard!
Mom: Don't Say that!
Sean: Shes such a RIT!
by 100%rit August 26, 2011
A place that lends women to start using phrases like, "the odds are good but the goods are odd" in description of their male counterparts.
"RIT: Teaching women to lower their standards since 1829."
Women having to watch hours of video games, visit "LAN Parties", and find anime extremely entertaining if she would like to have a male partner to mate with.
by Sarah Smith February 24, 2005
Be careful what you think. That Girl you are looking at might just be a guy.
sometimes you are walking around on campus and you happen to get a glimpse of a good rear end you suspect to belong to a good looking female. Upon passing "said" female you notice facial hair and a lack a breast. You think. A Guy?
by Harold January 06, 2005
Rest in Turmoil
Person A: R.I.P Tom, he was a good friend
Person B: No way! He owed me half a million dollars. R.I.T
by Haru's Hetero July 31, 2013
A place where theres 5 girls and 12,000 guys, no social activities, lots of pot, and many many bricks.
Dude, don't go to RIT! There ain't no chicks!
by Steve-O March 19, 2003
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