Rips (romantically inclined pervs), make up about 1 - 3% of the population, they are also referred to as "the other gays that aren't gay," since they have a similar amount of possible mates to choose from. A rip is a tragic figure, who has one or more extreme sexual fetishes, yet needs a loving, and attached relationship to engage in sex. Most rips frequently end up with assholes, who satisfy them well, or lame people, who are sweet, but unsexy.
"She wanted dildo in her ass, while walking hand in hand on the beach, what a rip!" or "she asks for eternal love, and fistings in the same sentence, crazy ass rip!"
by antipancakes March 01, 2013
1. pertaining to an insult
2. pertaining to something funny or exciting
Rips on Whitney.

Oh rips
by Whitney Mour September 24, 2007
to snap ones index finger against middle finger and thumb pinched together as if packing a tin, but you're actually ripppppin it

you must say "ripppp" or "watch me rip" when you rip
Dude! Jordan just ripped in Hannah's face and she said "fuck you Jordan"
by Standard Dave January 04, 2008
to cuss or slate some one
Jack: y are u so gay
Paul: coz im goin out wid ur mum
by 31245 June 14, 2005
an action that is stupid
that's a rip !!
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
To make fun of. Rippin- the act of making fun of someone or something
Look at this boy's hair. It looks like spiders are havin a meeting on his head.
Oh, oh, so you boys wanna rip? U boys rippin?
by Jhod November 21, 2007
Another word for a 'ladies bits'.
'kiss my effing rip you twot'
by ladybum March 18, 2007
A girl who has sex with a lot of men or is easy to have sex with.

Orgin: Atlanta,Georgia
"Man dat gurl Kelly sum rip my homeboi told me"
by A-towns Fly Boi July 16, 2006

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