Word commonly used by dickheads to describe their PC.
wow man my new rig is a pentium 9 roflolly
by Big Cook Ben July 23, 2004
large pikey music system used to annoy the police and the upper-middle classes
the fucking pigs seized the rig
by gavin September 17, 2003
cigarette, to have a smoke
I'm going out for a rig
by Solid Snake January 05, 2004
To have relations (of a sexual nature) with a woman.
Dude, see that hot blonde chick? I rigged her last night.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
n. the proper slang term for an ambulance. people often use the word "bus" instead of "rig" but they are usually the ones that want to be cops or want to sound like FDNY EMS when in fact it just makes them sound like incompetant assholes. a bus is something that catches fire on the side of route 42 in jersey.
"did you do the rig check today yet?"
"nah man, i didnt have enough money for the bus, so i was late to work"
by njmook November 25, 2005
to buy marijuana from a drug dealer
let's go rig some bud.
by dk January 19, 2005
A positive nickname for a girlfriend or wife
Hey, are we going out tonight or are you going to hang out with your rig?
by Fritzy September 24, 2006

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