a male or female who is incredibly attractive
that chick is a rig!
by laurenee11 October 07, 2007
A large..nay, MASSIVE dip, i.e. chewing tobacco. Skoal, Grizzly, Copenhagen, etc.
Well gosh dang Joe! You jus' put in the fattest rig I ever seen!
by Rendrio June 07, 2007
An Australian word to describe a muscular , strong male

Not to be used for females, unless they are one of those disgusting women body builders and even then it's probably an insult
"Wow, see that guy over there lift that car of the elderly woman?"
"Yeah, he's hell rig!"


"Holy crap, that hot guy just took off his shit, he is so rig!"
by ~AussiePride~ August 04, 2009
A person or thing of better than average character. Something considered good or large. can also be used as prefix.
Man! you are a rig!

you good man? Yeh pretty rigging.

Riglore (agood friend)

rigsitch (a good situation)

Rigamortus (erect due to rig)
by sortimus gine April 29, 2009
A large specimen of the male genitalia.
Biff pulled out his rig and stuck it into his girlfriend's mouth.
by Dirtysteamer March 09, 2007
a woman's body
She's got a great rig.
by hughmonger October 31, 2003
hot bitch
by doug June 26, 2003

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