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A Paramedic who has traded in the grind of the street, 911 calls and low paychecks for a career in the oil filed. Rig Medics attend offshore academy's to familiarize them self with their new environment and transition into their responsibilities aboard oil rigs. Rig Medics can be assigned to duty anywhere in the world. Many Rig Medics work off of the coast of 3rd world, pirate infested, shit holes. Most Rig Medics are prior service military and have experience in dealing with the bad guys. Many Rig Medics are also assigned as HS&EHealth, Safety and Environmental compliance officers. Rig Medics work a variety of shift rotations most are 28 days or 14 days, allowing the Rig Medics to be at home, off duty for the same amount of time. Some Rig Medics accept assignments in extremely remote locations and operate as independent, isolated Emergency Room MD's under the direction and consult of Certified Medical Doctors Rig Medics act as the eyes, ears and hands of MD's. Rig Medics make between 60K U.S. and 180K U.S. a year. Rig Medics are a vital Part of the Safety Culture that is part of the NEW Oil filed, often ranking as the number 3 man on the rig. Rig Medics eat, sleep and breath safety. Good safety = good numbers, good numbers = more work for the drilling company's. More work and more drilling contracts = more money.
Rig Hand A) "Hey have you seen that new third party guy that gave the Medic an attitude during the safety briefing?"

Rig Hand B) "No man I havent, that guy seemed like a reckless asshole, where did he go?"

Rig Hand C) "Shit man are you guys kidding? The Rig Medic had that guy removed off of the rig within about 20 minutes after he made that comment"

Rig Hand A) "Fuuuuuuck!! I Told you that medic aint playin"

Rig Hand C) "WORD , that guy looks out for us man."
by streetdoc921 February 04, 2010
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