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In the modern short/abbreviated language form used in chats, text and tweets, (eg, lol, omg, wtf, fml, etc) RIFKL has been defined as having no definition at all. It can basicly describe any meaning, mood, setting or situation the users wants/agrees it to have. Besides beeing ridicously hard to pronounce it can also have a limitless number of potential actual meanings, thus a very RIFKL kind of word. Important is to note that actual diffrent letters does not have to correspond to actual words beginning with those letters, therefore making RIFKL a possible descriptive word for any thinkable situation. Its mainly used for intern humor as a universal consensus of RIFKL is impossible, its simply too RIFKL!
Lara: "I'm so happy we went to the beach today"!
Jones: "I know, this place is really RIFKL".

John: "maria was looking really hot today"
Terry: "yeah i know, she was totally RIFKL"

James: "omg those pancakes tasted shit"!
Pete: "sorry i fucked up but the recipe was a little bit RIFKL
by idiana81xox August 01, 2011
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