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1) A ricer is ANY car that looks like it can fly because of its ridiculously huge, 6 foot long spoiler. A ricer is also ANY car that is modded out very excessively, which almost always results in, making the car look like a piece of crap. A ricer may look "cool" or "fast" but in reality, a ricer will go from 0 to 60 in 12 seconds, emphasizing the driver's ego, which also is equal to his car's spoiler in size, of thinking that his car is "fast". A ricer occasionally may have air intakes in order to cool the engine down, just in case the car reaches the speed of 35 mph.
A honda civic with a huge spoiler that causes the back of the car to sink about 3 inches, and a muffler tip that is so huge that you can fist fuck it if you wanted to. Also it may have many stickers of famous car modification companies, such as BBS or Sparco, which in reality the car itself has no products that were produced by these companies, and in fact has some bootleg cheap plastic parts from chinatown that cost $34.50 in total. These cars can be considered to be ricers, and any person that sees these ricers should scream "RICER!" as they drive by.
NOTE: Ricers cannot be determined by looks, for some cars that look like ricers actually have the performance to back up its physical appearance. And these cars are not considered to be ricers.
by uranmfer329 March 05, 2005
54 20
Ricers are idiots who do up japanese econoboxes in an attempt to make them look and sound fast. They can be seen blasting around the streets in first and second gear mostly because they love everyone to look at them redlining their car (hopefully a young high school girl will see him and think he looks gangsta).

This does not mean people who drive hondas and leave them stock are ricers, and people who have actual fast japanese cars are also ricers but not in the rediculous sense that true rice is.
that ricer seems to have a highly polished tin can on the end of the exhaust system for some reason...
by eat rice August 03, 2003
47 18
Someone who owns a 90HP import with stickers for parts that arent installed and have lame body kits with StreetGlow and Muffler Whistles to make up for not having a turbo. Most own both copies of NFS:Underground, and love watching Fast and the Furious movies.
John: You hear that Jim?
Jim: Yea whats that annoying sound?
John: Thats Ricky Ricer in his '88 Honda Accord
Ricky: You hommies wanna watch Fast and the Furious on my used 7" TFT Head Unit?
by Joshua Sloat June 11, 2006
30 5
Someone who does up their 4-cyl. car with colour-wheel coded paintjobs (to be tough) and front and rear and maybe middle spoilers in case the wind catches the car, as well as lights in various places for the purpose of atrracting coral spawn.
"I hope your mum insured that thing for you"
by Chris November 10, 2003
37 12
Car which has exhaust modifications to make it sound like a fart-fog horn but still has 115 HP and goes 0-60 in 13.2 seconds.
Breeeeeeee. There goes that Integra ricer.
by pony trekker December 17, 2003
32 8
Aiight most of you retards on here got it wrong. The term "Ricer" was originally used as a derogitory remark towards Asians. Then the term was used to describe Japanese motorcycles. From there it carried over to Japanese compact cars. Now it's used to describe ANYONE with ANY CAR that puts insanely gaudy shit on their cars that serves no real purpose other than to attempt to make it look good. It doesn't apply to people who are "all show and no go" unless that person truly believes that their all-show $2G body-kitted, $6G paint job, $3G wheels havin'... let's say '99 Civic Si (because the poor car seems to get riced the most) can beat my 432 HP 398 TQ Eclipse GSX. There's nothing wrong with a Civic, Integra or other cars that seem to get the worst rep because they've been riced so bad. I mean shit, I've seen a built B18C powered '92 Civic hatch SMOKE a Viper. SMOKE. BAD. But now if it was, say a Ford Probe with a GT-R badge and a crappy weld-on muffler trying to race a EVO 8 because he thinks that muffler added 50 HP and is louder than the EVO's exhaust, well, he's then a ricer.
V6 Mustang with Saleen body kit and Cobra-R wing
ANY CAR with spinning hubcaps
ANY CAR other than a Nissan Skyline GT-R with a GT-R badge
ANY CAR that has a body kit before having put on wheels AND an exhaust AT LEAST
ANY CAR that has an after market wing/spoiler without body kit/wheels/exhaust
Anyone who drives a Civic Si and doesn't know what Si and VTEC stand for
Unpainted body kits
ANYONE who thinks their car is faster than any I4 just because their car is a V8 (go learn how bad an EVO and WRX STi can smoke you... stock)
anyone who pisses on imports just because they're cheap to buy and cheap to modify (no wait I'm sorry you are just fucking stupid and ignorant wastes of skin)
anyone who thinks that by adding an intake and exhaust to your Civic/Integra/RSX blah blah blah will make it blazingly fast
ANYONE with a weld on muffler on stock piping
I can go on forever... I'ma stop now
by bboypuertoroc February 04, 2005
74 52
Slow cars that look ugly. Ricers have very little power. Ricers are cars that people will put mufflers on that make the car sound like an angry pack of bees, cold air intakes, body kits, big spoilers, and oversized rims on.
Them ricers thought they were cool doing burn outs at the red light until alittle ways down the road i passed them in my truck.....only doing 90 and it looked like they were standing still.
by ME July 01, 2004
38 16