The word Ribs comes from an old (now not used !!) Welsh language meaning "small ferocious reptile with bad breath !".

The most distinguished charateristics of the reptile is its mating dance, this was usually preformed on a bar in various clubs and bars, and involved the shaking of it bare arse to any protenial partners. Brightly coloured under garments were sometimed used to out-do other reptiles also trying to attract mates.
The ribs is a small fair but rough skinned reptile now only found in southern Spain
by cookie2008 September 13, 2011
Top Definition
to make fun of
why you ribbin him
by Remired December 19, 2003
your lady.
your girl.
your wife.

God took Adam's rib to make Eve.
Gotta roll yo, my rib just got home.
by Assmaster5 July 14, 2005
to talk about; clown or tease somebody
ugh them shoes is sooo ugly, im bouta rib the fuck outta u!
by whatanicegirl August 17, 2008
A prank, a joke or even a practical joke.
We hid his car keys as a rib would mean that it was done in joking, prank-like fashion.
by BTLS Fan September 21, 2005
Ratio Induced Bitch Syndrome, happens at schools or offices where there are just a few hot girls. They get it in their heads that because they are so "hot" that they are too good to be talked/dated/played with.
OMG that girl has RIBS, i hate this school!
by teh bitcrusher February 04, 2004
Another word for "good", "great", "fine", etc.

That car is fricken ribs!

Person 1: "School's out tomorrow"
Person 2: "schools out? That's ribs!"
by Letha one June 14, 2006
Non-derogatory term for woman, girlfriend, or wife.
Dude, she's my rib, leave her alone!
by 7775 September 06, 2010

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