Acronym for Rich Industrial Assholes Anonymous.
They think they can control the system, but they don't realize that they're gonna lose eventually.
by bigtones January 31, 2005
Recording Industry Association of America. A bunch of fat cats who would rather see some kid sued then cut the price of CDs down to something actually reasonable, just so they can make more money and less real, more commercial music.
Back in the day we had to rent vinyls and record them to HD cassettes and if we were in danger of being caught we had to pull Mission Impossible shit. Now it's all a few clicks away and the RIAA probably just sends you an e-mail with a link to Paypal or some shit like that.
by Neill September 12, 2004
Low life bullies who steal money from 12 yr old file sharers
RIAA, scum, lowlife, low-class citizen
by Omyn September 09, 2003
An organization that loves to shoot itself in the foot by suing the very people who buy CDs from the corporations that represent it.
What the Hell? I got sued for having an Eminem and Britney Spears fan site, and I didn't even have a single MP3 on it, and I made clearly made references to my sources.
by music fan August 11, 2003
Nazi asswholes
i wish the riaa would leave me alone
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
The retarded love child of Satan and some crackwhore he fucked in Washington DC in 1952. Grew up to be a notorious and sadistic serial rapist, whos victims include music artists, fans of said artists, and single moms of kids who download music with BitTorrent. Currently is still at large and is regarded as America's Public Enemy No. 1, surpassing Osama Bin Laden, Iran, and North Korea.
"And on the 8th day, God was hungover, so he took a long, steaming shit. And he called that shit "the RIAA" - The Bible (before the RIAA sued God and forced him to censor it)
by RandomDude8492 March 14, 2011
An organization that consists of lowdown, bratty, douchebaggy, tyrants!!! They make CDs and sell them for high prices. When you download the music instead of paying for their shit, they will sue you like the asses they are because they might have to go a day without a lobster dinner. They pretend to support artists when all they are doing is making money for themselves and earning hatred which they greatly deserve. I plan on finding their nearest office and protesting on their tyranny over the music industry. If they comtinue to act like this, I will burn their office and make the surviving members of this organization into meat which I will send to McDonalds, so they can rip us all off and pretend to care for our health. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! RIAA is the worst organization I know of!! They ruin the reputation of fuddy duddies and Republicans!! I am not one, but I know many people who are and I respect them, but the RIAA completely destroys their reputation. It is sad.
Person1: The RIAA is going to sue me for 100,000 due to my downloading of a song.
Person 2: Those bastards!! They don't give a damn about piracy. They just want money. They are just greedy. Don't worry about it. They probably won't succeed in suing you anyway.
by Bevvie May 28, 2006
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