Organization fervently attempting to destroy the music industry while claiming to be protecting artists rights in an anti piracy campaign that targets low income victims who cannot afford legal representation. Simultaneously performing an act of self destruction by alienating itself from mainstream culture, its present and future customers, and even the artists themselves, obviously disregarding the longterm effects of such a campaign.
Like it might have more food for itself...
by Darwin September 01, 2003
fucktards who will sue you 750.00USD for each MP3 on your computer...
hey mom, whats 750x517??? I need to know fast, because the RIAA will come for me very soon.
by dot dot dot July 13, 2003
These people will try to make your internet life a boring one by trying to crack down on people who like music and destroying them by sueing them for trading 0's and 1's over the internet.
The riaa need to be stoped if we humans hope to keep music on the internet.
by Genary April 25, 2005
Pronunciation: R-I-Double Gay
RIAA is gay to the max
by XHC January 14, 2004
An organization that you all should boycott because of their price fixing, and their deceit of the general public. Go to and help us out. Get some action going on August 1st and 2nd.
The RIAA is a corrupt organization who buys their politicials.
by BoycottTheRIAA July 30, 2003
the gayest fucking thing ever formed in the history of earth, all they do is sue ppl, for downloading music because they are a bunch of dick-sucking fags that have nothing left to do because they have sucked every dick there is so they have decide to sue ppl for downloading music, even 12 yr olds, and even ppl that dont even have a computer, just for downloading a song, A SONG, how fucking gay.
fuck the RIAA and i hope they die a painful death and rot in hell!
#fuck #riaa #gay #fuck the riaa #suck my dick riaa
by MasterCracker April 21, 2006
A group of anal retentive assholes, that will do anything to make a buck.
" Hey, look at the RIAA digging in that dumpster for some 12 year old's address. "
by Rabid Python September 18, 2005
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