The Recording Industry Man Boy Love Association.
Fuck the RIAA and it's Nazi tactics.
by abcd123456 July 14, 2004
A group of corporate assholes who make money by suing people who use filesharing as a means of obtaining free music. The artists who are having their work "illegally" distributed usually don't give a fuck anyway, because they make hardly any money off of record sales (biggest source of income is concerts and special events).

Music is an art, an expression. For someone to say "You cannot enjoy that, it is not yours" is bullshit.

If you really want to support your favorite artists, go to as many shows as you can. That's where their support is.
RIAA- Robbing Innocent Americans of the Arts.
by HYRUL3 July 29, 2009
Recording Industry Association of America. A now highly corrupt organization that will someday end up suing the WRONG PERSON (Jenna Bush, for example) and get their asses handed to them. Known for suing everyone, including and ESPECIALLY young children, sometimes no older than 4 or five (mind you, not the parents, the KIDS), old people, and poor people. A bunch of pompous ass Republicans with nothing better to do than siphon money away from people who have no way to stop them.
The RIAA are nothing but a bunch of filthy subpoena happy scumbags.
by Anonymous to protect the truthful January 02, 2004
Ruthless Impotent Anal Adventurers. To exude greed, worthlessness, and cum from your mouth.
At the company picnic the RIAA executive's wives resembled the music video for the song, "Who Let the Dogs Out." Oops don't sue me for typing your copyrighted song title... wait thats plain ridiculous, getting RIAA'd plain sucks.
by The L-Train January 25, 2004
A well known domestic terrorist organization that uses FUD to scare people into thinking they are doing wrong to the music industries by sharing music. A few of their infamous acts include abusing and perverting the power of the law and indiscriminately suing young children, old people, poor people, and average middle class citizens and tirelessly lobbying the government for their own self interests.
There has been another attack on American soil today, it seems the RIAA has struck again. They left my grandmother penniless for downloading Madonna.
by Jamesmorlock May 28, 2009
n. terrorist organization aiming to prostitute the art form known as music at the expense of hapless musicians. likes charging $22.95 for a CD that costs $0.03 to manufacture and dragging 14 year olds and grandmothers to court and refusing to legitimize sale of mp3s over the internet. see also asshole, terrorist, mpaa, et al.
"dammit, my unborn kid and my 101 year old uncle who died last week both got sued by the riaa... again."
by themarcuscreature February 12, 2005
A bunch of old cunts starting lawsuits because they have nothing better to do.
Fuck RIAA in the fucking ass, fucking bunch of asshats.
by Coolleroy February 11, 2005
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