To sue or to institute proceedings against (a person) for redress of grievances.
I'm going to RIAA you for using my copyrighted material!
by Actionsketch December 04, 2005
1.Member of the Nazi party and SS be a fucking tight ass
1.You can't do this...

2.That mother was a RIAA member
by Andrew Tanasse January 22, 2004
A bunch of cynical smart guys who were found the way to make money by giving bullshit to maroons from government and agonizing labels, misrepresenting reality and getting their own benefits from it.
You can't fight illegal downloading by punishing. Person, who downloads music will never buy CD. Others will learn on mistakes of every busted by RIAA victim and will download with care. Every busted technology will be replaced by new one, more sophisticated and safe for it's users. Customer makes a choice, and this choice is not always in favor of free stuff. Customer sets price for the music, not label.
by brahmaputr October 05, 2007
The reason its illigal for me to save hundreds of $$$ on CD's by just downloading them for free on limewire.
I saved $30 dollars this weekend. Why? Because I downloaded two CD's. Unfortunatley, its illigal.
by brian June 17, 2005
Republican Idiots Assfucking America
devil worshippers who want your money
by WORLD PEACE September 19, 2003
The worst mistake thes CorpoNAZIs made was to piss off the hackers and the pirates. Too bad they forget that roaches multiply faster than they can be squished.
Who wants to hack the RIAA? I sure as hell do. Now where did I put that coding manual.......ah, here it is >:^]
by CD Burner July 26, 2003
An organization that does not understand that when something is squished it usually tends to spread out. For example, when they squished napster, a gillion other p2p programs sprung up to take its place. The riaa takes artists and their fans for granted and takes 90% of what you pay for a cd and puts the money into lawsuits against small children, collage students, and
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
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