The Recording Industry Association of America. The music industry's own modern day version of J. Edgar Hoover and Joseph McCarthy. Much like the two aforementioned men, the RIAA systematically ruins the lives of helpless people (e.g. kids, college students, poor people). The only difference is instead of naming them Communists because of personal beliefs, they sue the shit out of them to the point of no return for downloading a song for free instead of buying an overpriced CD with that one good song on it and 12 other crappy ones.
This may be an exaggeration, but 20 years from now when 90% of the country is living in housing projects, trailer parks, or even wondering the street homeless, we will all remember it was because the RIAA sued the crap out of some 6 million college students, forcing them to drop out because they couldn't pay their tuition due to the lawsuits. Now they are all doing low paying manual labor jobs because they have nothing to their name.
by kstar8706 March 24, 2005
Retarded idiots and assholes

these are the fucktards who push DRM and randomly go around sueing people for downloading music. So far they have sued 2 teenage girls, 3 grandmothers and 1 dead person. I hope they will sue a dimplomat w\ diplomatic immunity next.
"DRM is great"
"Downloading is stealing"
"When you pirate mp3's you are downloading communism"
by towel401 February 17, 2005
Fucks who think that we killed the music industry by downloading when in reality they are the ones who screwed it.
We didn't screw the music industry, the music industry screwed itself...
by sweatyturtle19 July 03, 2003
Misguided scumsuckers who think we're stupid enough to actually think real artists do it for the money.
I fucked the RIAA's mom last night. Worst sex i've ever had.
by Wonkers April 29, 2003
a bunch of people that ruined myand probably many others life because i cant download music a i like. and they expect me to pay 20.00 dollars for one damn song. it great cause i can get songs you cant find no where else. now a note for the riaa,you guys are ruining peoples fun, REAL musicians don't do it for money. FUCK YOU!!! you guys think you are doin the right thing'BULLSHIT
i used to download songs and listen to them and be happy. now life sucks more since i dont have new songs to download. riaa sucks
by riaa sucks September 22, 2005
I'm not paying for any music until the record industry either lowers the price of their CDs or they start making good music again.
The RIAA can kiss my ass.
by word October 15, 2003
A joke-for-an-organization that can't accept that an MP3 is merely an inferior copy of the actual song, just like a videotape of a show is inferior to being at the show yourself.
The worst mistake the RIAA is making is to piss off the bootleggers and the hackers. The RIAA, instead, should have learned to EMBRACE the new technology before the pirates exploited it first.
by sarcastic May 24, 2003

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