High school in Rockland, Massachusetts.
Rockland High School, many kids smoke, drink & do drugs. there are very few straight edge kids that go to RHS.
RHS is known for the kids that do drugs, smoke, and drink a lot.
by lilSmitty April 03, 2008
right hand side
It's on the rhs of the page
by Marcoa December 18, 2005
(i)Rugby High School
(ii) Rugby's Homosexual Society

Both a learning experience for girls. Thats all I have to say...
Joe: "those RHS girls are hot."
William: "yes."
Joe: "i sure would love to do P.E there"
William: "Yes."
Joe: "Man. They are all fit lesbians, sometimes i get the urge to just run in there, rip off my clothes, and start jizzing on hundreds of beautiful wet lesbian bitches. FUCKING RHS YEAH!"

*short pause*


by Your mum's Stalker October 26, 2005

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