High school in Rockland, Massachusetts.
Rockland High School, many kids smoke, drink & do drugs. there are very few straight edge kids that go to RHS.
RHS is known for the kids that do drugs, smoke, and drink a lot.
by lilSmitty April 03, 2008
Top Definition
an acrynm for Really Horny Syndrome that is used to describe someone who is being overly horny in a conversation
Joe: this chicks tits were so good i just wanted to run up and grab them
Jim: someone has RHS...
by Chilly Willy August 21, 2005
Stands for Robbinsville High School. Loacted in New Jersey, RHS stands as a model for what high schools should be. The technology department is beast, the theatre deparment lives for success (and is always alive), the music deparment sounds like heaven, and the athletic deparment rocks out any sport they will try. Every person here paints the culture of this school by being funny, happy, awesome, and a complete fun and true friend. You don't have to live in the honors classes to be considered smart here because we know people are smart in all sorts of things, not just science and math, but in theatre, history, or being a leader. When anyone here decides to join a part of our school whether cross country, take AP classes, or do the robotics team, they know what that invovles. They aren't just doing it as a joke, they want to be dedicated to what they are doing, and are comitted to making the push for a victorious time. Our school colors are red and black, colors of leadership, honor, and culture. Not bluejay blue and vomit yellow like some other schools. The only bad part is that we're in New Jersey; one of the worst states. Therefore, we have to associate ourselves with New Jersey despite its infamous reputation. Darn you Jersey Shore, Christ Christie, sky-high taxes, trenton, camden, Altantic City, and Bayonne (if you know what that is). We have not been around that long, but what have made that time victorious and amazing.
Student1: We're playin those tools over at RHS

Student2: You're a tool
by BlackbirdSinginNTheDeadOfNight February 16, 2012
Random Hiccup Syndrome
when a person hiccups randomly a few times every hour for 6 months
Person 1: duuude, whats *hiccup* up?
Person 2: yo, whats wrong with you?
Person 1: RHS >:(
by doctorsmartstuff9000 July 22, 2011
RHS is an acronym/ abreviation for "racist homophobic sexist" people and is a complete insult for the most disturbing people.
jim bob: "watchu doin joellio?"

joellio: "roasting this rhs troll on tumblr"
jim bob: "whats rhs?"
by no_way__jose___ September 16, 2015
Revisionist History Syndrome - a condition, usually involving discomfort with a factual historical narrative, in which an alternative explanation is created to salve or inflict that discomfort with an account more to the afflicted party's liking.
Anyone who says that this is a "Christian nation" has RHS, or revisionist history syndrome, and doesn't realize that most of our founding fathers were either atheist or deists, not Christians.
by aknman March 13, 2015
An acronym for Red Headed Slut. Typically describing a red headed girl who sluts her body everywhere
Dude you see that RHS over there?
Yeah man I just got the best milkshake ever....cinnamon
by mutiny80 February 28, 2008
Acronym for Ridiculous Horse Shit
Wow Willis totally make up a RHS arguement earlier this morning, homeskillet.
by AMillz March 01, 2009
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