The person whom has the unbelievable talent of touching a person she spends anywhere from 30 seconds to a few hours. A sensation of inner warmth, care, genuine happiness tends to follow. This person is great at volleyball but outrightly horrible at parallel parking.
RHM spoke with someone and they were then happy. RHM parked shittily with her tiny easy to park car.
by Ats October 07, 2012
Top Definition
Red Hot Mama, A hot chick, usually married with children.
That chick is a RHM.....
by WTF UB March 30, 2008
Random Hyper Moment. Happens when you are calm, then all of a sudden *BAM* you have a RHM.
Sorry, RHM.
by Belle95 November 14, 2010
Retarded Homo Midget. Enough said.
Amber:Wow look at that guy over there
Andrew:Yeah that's Jeff, he's an RHM
by Lootfroop August 16, 2008
short for rogersherr middle school ,the whackest school ever. full of two-faced bitches , sluts , hoes and even worst bitchy teachers. it has a language arts teacher name Eric Zeigler who is a stupid transvestite nigga. It has the whackest school colors ever: baby blue and white! LOSERS!
a: you go to RHMS?
b: nope!im glad i left that shitty school and went to highschool!
by u dont know me and ya neva will! January 01, 2008
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