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Abbreviation for "Random Grip Loss". An unreal syndrome to blame when something falls from your hand(s) for no apparent reason.
After I dropped her dog I told her I suffer from RGL, you know, random grip loss.
by calavera7 June 17, 2011
Photos & Videos
Bro 1: Hey man I just got a call from the dean of the University of Florida College of Dentistry, they said I got accepted
Bro 2: Dude thats an RGL
by apollo3313 December 04, 2009
Retard got loose
oooh... classic rgl.
by bruthas4lyfe February 24, 2011
rugged good looks
"dude, that punk needs a haircut and a shave." "no way, i looooove his RGL!
by bobert moshobert June 23, 2010
A PC way of saying something is Retarded, Gay or Lame.
My God that woman is so RGL! How could she do such a thing!
by AM1234 September 19, 2009
Romans Gay League= RGL
Paesans Perfomance League is really the RGL
by OGRE T December 29, 2007
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