Run From Bitches- it is a backpack that has two or more clips that go around the stomach so you can run from that bitch in school that always wants to talk to you but u just cant stand the sight of her.
Cam: dude i need a rfb backpack
joe: why do you need that
Cam: so i can run from bitches
by Dainnerflame August 30, 2010
"random fucking bozo"
i have better things to do than give free tech support to some rfb who happens to meet me on the street
by Albin Pahernik September 28, 2004
Royal Fucking Break
A stronger version of "break" (in the sense of "Give me a break"), used in response to someone who has been whining, exaggerating, boasting, etc.
"I had classes all morning, was on my feet at the shop until six and now I've gotta clean the whole house before I go to bed."
"Aw, gimme an RFB. You think you've got it bad? I haven't slept for two whole days!"

"I just came up with a solution to the Middle East crisis and now the White House has invited me to Washington."
"Yeah, right. Give me an RFB!"
by squatter March 17, 2006
"Really Fucking Bright"

A) Bright as in intelegence

B) Bright as in light
A) DAMN, you must feel RFB after walking into that wall...

B) Man... you kept me up till 6:00 in the morning now it's RFB outside...
by Rayneuki July 03, 2005
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