I almost fell on my face after trying to stand up from the porcelain god. I read for half an hour after pinching off a hot loaf and my legs were so numb I couldn't stand up. The RDS was so bad i had to use the cripple bar in the crapper just to pull my shorts up.
by Douglasazo January 12, 2006
Random Death Syndrome:
when someone just randomly dies for an unknown or unexplained reason, can also be used as an exaggeration
What!? You're mom died, just like that? No explanation? sounds like RDS to me....

Then, she just passed out, out of nowhere, for no apparent reason. She must have RDS or something....
by xM!CHA3LAx June 08, 2009
(abbreviation of rapid deceleration syndrome)

Term for the effects of travelling at great speed and then hitting an immovable object... such as cuts, bruises, broken limbs, paralysis or death.

Originally military slang, but now used by other groups, for example:
Rock climbers: The effects of falling from a great height.
Cyclists: The effects of misjudging a corner and hitting a wall/tree/whatever straight on.

Severe Rapid Deceleration Syndrome or SRDS usually refers to death.
"Is Mike out climbing today?"
"No he took a whipper yesterday, and he's at home recovering from a case of rapid deceleration syndrome"

"I need the day off work to go to a friends funeral - he caught a fatal case of RDS while out biking the other day"
by Jimmy1 January 20, 2007
Raw Dog Syndrome. One who has alot of sex with no protection. (AKA future STD haver)
Jenna has RDS, everyone lets go up in that bitch!
by Richard Long May 03, 2003
Repetitive Dating Sydrome: dating the same ex for numerous times and then dumping her just to go out with her again.
"Hey didn't you two break up?"
"Yeah but I've rds. We hooked up again. It's only the fifth time it has happened."
by Bubbly Bob January 20, 2008
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