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v. when one blackberry owner visibly reads another berry owners bbm yet decides to be a douchebag and not respond to said message, hence the small R on the side
I swear to god if anabelle Rs me one more time im gonna commit, shes Rd like 6 of my bbms in a row, biznatch gotta show some respect.
by nunz01 January 06, 2010
Short for "recreational dating." When people go out on dates for fun and not necessarily anything else.
Chelsey has been RD ing, she's not seeing anyone seriously.
by Kerico May 05, 2007
Random Duche
GUY 1 : I Like Cheese I Like Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese

GUY2: Pffft What A RD
by AMANDA-the great June 06, 2009