A black man with flavour and style, originating from a man of the east coast.
Jerome the real R.D.
by BubbA_SparX January 31, 2005
Top Definition
A girl of the rare variety who - perhaps inexplicably - "inspires love" in a large proportion of the guys she meets. This effect is often partially attributable to beautiful eyes, dimples, a predisposition to smile or genuine friendliness - but these features rarely account for the dramatic difference between the sincerity of her admirers and others'.

Etymology: Thought to derive from "hardy"; any "RD" must be emotionally tough (and slightly stubborn) to deal with the fallout from her warring suitors.
"20 guys declared their undying love for her yesterday, seven of whom she'd never previously spoken to... but she smiled, carried on, and effortlessly resolved the free-for-all that followed as 19 tried to impress her with macho posturing. What an RD."

"Yeah, I've never loved anyone like that before. Messes with your head. No idea what she did to me. Must be an RD."
by BalooBear April 18, 2010
Stands for Restlessness Disease. R.D. is a a person who can not stop moving and must touch everything. But an R.D. can also be a good friend.
Friend 1 starts to play with his pen clicking it repeatedly.

Friend 2 "What are you doing?"

Friend 1 "Sorry I had an R.D. moment."
by SG SDEF October 20, 2010
Typical extraodinary lady killer, suduces preferably young naive females via the sporting of sunglasses, untamed facial hair, and halfway unbuttoned shirts. A real life Don Juan. Can commonly be found singing, acting, or letting every lady within earshot know how "cultured" he is. Always armed with the cleverest of retorts, profound insights, and hilarious jokes. Side effects may include beard-burned chin, cramped necks (Requires immediate attention), and overwhelming feelings of inadequacy.
Guy 1: Wow that 18 year old suave sunglass wielding son of a bitch just gave rug burn to that poor 15 year old girl's chin with his facial hair!

Guy 2: Yeah, he sure is a real RD.
by Claudio Fragrasso February 22, 2009
abbreviation for a rough day :'(
im RDing again

ive had a right RD

im RDing all over the floor
by aaron1234567 July 13, 2008
Initials that can be used in a variety of ways, principally as an acronym for Resource Drainer. 'RD' can be used as a noun and a verb in certain contexts. You can use 'RD' to describe a person or to describe something you've done. To 'RD' from someone is to take something of theirs.
Noun: 'You are an RD, Mr. Smithers.', 'Which RD did this?'
Verb: 'I've been RDing at work today.', 'I RD'd some petrol from Texaco, didn't even pay for it.'
by Mr. Burns is El Lider September 01, 2011
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