The most attractive person Ever! The best person on the planet. Also a very smart girl with so much potential.
RBS is the best and I love her very much
by SB March 08, 2004
Acronym for "Raw Butthole Syndrome" which occurs when you wipe too many times throughout the day due too diarrhea or some kind of overly active and greasy poop. It is that burning sensation and pain that occurs.
Dude my RBS is the worst after that last puddle of mud I spewed.
by Hughe Janius February 22, 2015
rbs is an acronym for resting bitch face. everyone, usually in the female category, has a resting bitch face. It occurs when the female has no expression or particular thought, such as staring off into space, and gives the look, "I'll murder your first born child if you cross me" and/or several other threats similar. Even if it is the nicest person you know, they can have a bitch face.
Kelly was blankly staring at the teacher, but with her severe rbs she looked like she wanted to rip his throat out.

Jack was waiting in line mindlessly while her friends waited for her a few steps back as she gave a serious rbs and looked close to slapping the shit out of someone
by smashing&dashing August 29, 2014

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