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right bout now
BRO are you smashed rbn?
by houndslax4 April 06, 2009
(n.) Acronym for Russian Business Network, a large-scale, organized cybercrime organization specializing in the sale of stolen identities.
I think I know how my bank account got hijacked--I might have accidentally logged into a phishing site on the RBN. That explains why the URL ended in ".ru".
by nicktrance October 07, 2008
Pronounced ribbons stands for: Rug Burn Noticeables. A term that describes the visible rug burns on the knees, elbows, and other parts of the body that are a product of sexual acts.
Damn! Heather must have been giving some serious blowjobs lastnight. Did you see all those RBNS on her kneecaps?
by Brittany T April 22, 2008

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