Injury most likely sustained the previous night at a bar, but you were too intoxicated to remember the incident.
waking up in the morning - "where'd that bruise on your face come from?"

"OH, that, must be a RBI"


"man my leg hurts, must have gotten a RBI last night"
by Glory Days Girl November 30, 2009
When you go on a date with someone but fail to make it all the way to home base with them, say only second base, and then go home and reach home base by yourself.
guy 1- "How'd your date with Cindy go? Did she put out?"
guy 2- "No, we only got to second base but when I got home I got an R.B.I. by making it to home base by myself."
guy 1- "Aww dude, that's wrong!"
guy 2- "I know..."
by CRN November 06, 2008
Stands for Roast Beef Insertion. It indicates any type of penetration or sexual act.

Also: Baseball. Runs Batted In.
-Ayo, you see Trina?
-Did I see her? I musta got like 4 RBI last night!
by legab April 27, 2009
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