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RALFTOMATO is a derivative of ROTFLMAO. It was derived from the overuse by some of the ROTFLMAO acronym and is now widely used in internet chat rooms, message boards, instant messages and e-mails.

RALFTOMATO is a sacred acronym and is not to be overused like ROTFLMAO is. RALFTOMATO is to be used to show a true feeling of laughter.
(insert funny joke here.)
by Sean Gorman December 31, 2003
Ralph Tomato- Started internet chat forum mixing riding dirtbikes, beer, and humor. If you hear something funny that goes brap, say Ralph Tomato or RalfTomato.
Ha Ha Did you see me hit run into that tree? I need another beer! RALPHTOMATO!
by QAudindacity August 26, 2004

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