A ra is an English girl from a posh, wealthy background who feel the need to dress like a mess whilst showing off their designer clothing. Two examples of their usual get up are:

1) The "just got out of bed" look - hair that's been painstakingly 'tousled' and knotted for at lest two hours, the obligatory university or Abercrombie and Fitch hoodie, and jogging bottoms or pyjama bottoms (if on the way to the shops) tucked into the obligatory Ugg boots.

2) The "ooo I'm such a hippy chick" look - the tousled, knotted hair complete with plaited headband, massive men's shirt cinched in at the waist with a belt, leggings in a variety of shades and gross colours, and of course the Ugg boots.

Ra's are most commonly found speaking with lisps and like they've got plums in their in their mouths in the majority of University cities of the UK, particularly Oxford, Leeds, Durham and Bristol, as well as Topshop's nationwide.

Scenesters will also try and get in on the act to try and be ra's
P1: "Jesus, I can't believe she's going down to the shops in her pj's."

P2: "I can, she's a ra."

P1: "Oh that explains it all then."
by booksfrom_boxes October 24, 2009
Noun - Slang term used commonly throughout Northern Ireland, referring to the Irish Republican Army.
Your man's fooked, the Ra are after him.
by Ryan, of course! January 29, 2008
Taken from the British Drum and Bass scene - a song by Ebony Dubsters - By the power of Ra!
Used a term of expression - Either Good or Bad.
1) "I was Driving my car next thing I know Ra! and I crashed into a ditch!"

2) "This girl was heavy man - I was like Ra!"
by L Fresh June 23, 2005
RA = Relaxation Assistant. Female masseuse that gives massage and will assist you in giving you a happy ending.
My RA is an eye candy gal that gave me very nice happy ending.
by Mikey_Hideki May 21, 2007
A posh, rich, often privately educated girl that sees the need to dress like they're common. Ugg boots with trackies are particularly common. Ra girls seem to situate around Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge and Durham.
"Look at that girl wearing Ugg boots and trackies coming out of Jack Wills, she is such a ra"
by Scraggy Ann September 21, 2009
Also known as Amun Ra. Sun god of ancient Egypt, believed to have brought about creation 'single-handedly' by producing the first 5 great gods of man whole from his penis. His children, Osiris, Set, Isis, Nephthys and Horus established both the overworld and underworld of men.
Ra was worshiped as the supreme god of Egypt, except during the reign of Akhenaten, when the monotheistic cult of the sun god Aten held sway. Tutankhamen (the famed King Tut) reestablished polytheism and the worship of Ra.
by mischa aleksandr June 10, 2006
some one either male or female who comes from a rich background or goes to a prep school who wear rugby shirts bagging track pants pearls berkanstocks much the same a an america bro in fashion style for the boys
oxford is full of ra's
by gligamesh September 13, 2007
Resident Assistant
He's soo hot...but he's my R.A. -it would be sketchy.
by Misty October 29, 2003

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