Where a female sucks a team of dicks at once.
"Wow man, this girl actually ran a r.b.t last night on me and my buddies."
"You see that girl there? yea she runs trains"
by WRig May 05, 2008
Top Definition
Roast Beef Theives or Roast Beef Theiving

The process of stealing Arby's (hinting roast beef) food by running through the Drive-Thru. When your friend is at the window about to get his food you run up and steal it and run away. This causes a commotion and you get double the food. Original Roast Beef Theives are located somewhere in the South End of Louisville where this process began.
PERSON 1 "What are you doing tonite?"
PERSON 2 "I dunno you wanna call Ms. B and do a R.B.T."
by M Sauce June 20, 2007
Random Breath Test
Tests police use to check the blood alcohol percentage of random drivers. Uses a breathalyser device.
"Sorry mate, ill be running late, had an rbt."
by bajibbles August 24, 2006
Roast Beef Thieving is the act of stealing Roast Beef from Arby's. A friend will park to far away from the window at the drive-thru and as the lady/man leans out the window to give them the food another friend runs from behind the car and swipes the food. As he runs and jumps into a third friends car the first friend complains that an unknown man just stole his food. That man recieves his food and you re-group with those who stole the food and that's what we call the double.
"So we were all hanging out late last night and got hungry but only had six dollars between us. So we pulled the R. B. T."
by Ballz00000 October 27, 2007
Reverse Bear Trap, a device that could split your jaws wide open and kill you.
Hoffman survives his R.B.T. Trap in Saw 6 by tearing open his own cheek.
by ItalianFailure June 26, 2016
Really Big Tits
yo check out those RBT over there.

I was looking at this girls facebook and she had some RBT
by i heart RBT June 05, 2009
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