a rapper who patrols highschool camPISSes looking for under aged girls. take them back to his house, knocks them up and pisses on them
i really want to r. kelly that girl up
by breakfast in america May 30, 2006
R+B singer who sings good music, but his image is forever tainted by the "under-aged girl scandal". In 1994, he secretly married Aaliyah who was 15 at the time. Also, he frequently sleeps with young teenage girls.
R. Kelly should just admit that he slept with someone underaged.
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
r&b singer
''*cries* R.kelly stole my girlfriend!''-Lil'JJ 13yrs.old
by Nathalie December 02, 2003
Used in Street Fighter to describe the act of winning a round by Perfect, since the winner's health meter stays yellow and the win icon is denoted by a P i.e. the winner P'd on the opponent.
1. Damn, he lost the final round by R Kelly.
2. Crap, I got double R Kelly'd.
by DJ Totoro September 08, 2009
Perverted ole losers fishin' for fresh young girls.
Yo that ho is barrrrrrely legal...and this mofo is like thirtyfo. Mann ... R. Kellys are everywhere.
by bongssuck February 05, 2004
1.) A R&B singer who's personal life is pretty effed-up and is a wolf in sheep's clothing when it comes to younger women/girls.
His hits include sexually-desperate songs such as "Feelin' On Yo' Booty", "My Body's Callin'", "Ignition" in the midst of so-called uplifting songs as "I Believe I Can Fly", and "You Saved Me", which is very contradictory.

2. A singer who is not a fine person to revere and worship, like MOST fans do;
he is a staunch PERVERT.

3. A singer who needs psychological help and/or the slammer.
"Why da hell did R. Kelly get acquitted, when this saga's been going on 2002?
"Money TALKS, and BS WALKS, son."
by princessangelcadet July 10, 2008
A demonic pedophile in power who humiliates little girls on video tape, and shows it to all his boys, but is stupid enough to incriminate himself and look at the camera, so the FBI can take him down while Karma and Nemisis tear him into pieces.
"hey little girl......wanna be in my next video? I can help enhance your singing career....."
by JENN May 26, 2004
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