A person who sleeps with another person at least 10 years younger than them
P1: How old you said that hoe is
P2: 14
P1:And how old r u
P2: 25
P1:Dang nigga u tryin pull off a r.kelly
by Armani October 07, 2003
A r & b artist who wrote catchy hits such as " I believe I can fly " and "Feeling on your booty". He also alledgedly had sexual intercourse with a few minors.
R kelly says " They try to charge me but Im not guiillttyy"
by pootytang March 12, 2003
A weird "rapper" who pees on people.
Dude I just saw the video for Ignition I can't beleive he actully peed on those girls!
by bitch#1 March 21, 2005
The act of releasing foul waste products on an underage female.
"The only thing make my life complete, is when I turn your face into a toilet seat... I'm gonna PISS on it!"
by bigtones January 02, 2005
To take a piss.
I gotta take an R. Kelly on my little cousin.
by Wyatt b quiet November 13, 2003
(Noun) 1. Pervert. One who is a sexual deviant. 2. Pedophile, a molester of underage children.
"Like R.Kelly with yougsters." - OutKast
That guys is an R. Kelly, always hanging around the high schools.
by Pirate Bwoy September 23, 2003
A very talented singer who unfortunately , is a sick pervert who urinates on little girls.
I liked R Kelly's music , until he peed on a 13 year old girl.
by queen_azure February 10, 2008

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