a dude who wants to pee in ur food. if you ever see him in real life and you have ur son or daughter with you grab them and run away because r. kelly will mistake them for a port-o-potty
r.kelly has plenty of doo doo butter for everybody
by Shamrokk August 03, 2004
A person who sleeps with another person at least 10 years younger than them
P1: How old you said that hoe is
P2: 14
P1:And how old r u
P2: 25
P1:Dang nigga u tryin pull off a r.kelly
by Armani October 07, 2003
A r & b artist who wrote catchy hits such as " I believe I can fly " and "Feeling on your booty". He also alledgedly had sexual intercourse with a few minors.
R kelly says " They try to charge me but Im not guiillttyy"
by pootytang March 12, 2003
A weird "rapper" who pees on people.
Dude I just saw the video for Ignition I can't beleive he actully peed on those girls!
by bitch#1 March 21, 2005
The act of releasing foul waste products on an underage female.
"The only thing make my life complete, is when I turn your face into a toilet seat... I'm gonna PISS on it!"
by bigtones January 02, 2005
To take a piss.
I gotta take an R. Kelly on my little cousin.
by Wyatt b quiet November 13, 2003
(Noun) 1. Pervert. One who is a sexual deviant. 2. Pedophile, a molester of underage children.
"Like R.Kelly with yougsters." - OutKast
That guys is an R. Kelly, always hanging around the high schools.
by Pirate Bwoy September 23, 2003
A very talented singer who unfortunately , is a sick pervert who urinates on little girls.
I liked R Kelly's music , until he peed on a 13 year old girl.
by queen_azure February 10, 2008

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