Perverted ole losers fishin' for fresh young girls.
Yo that ho is barrrrrrely legal...and this mofo is like thirtyfo. Mann ... R. Kellys are everywhere.
by bongssuck February 05, 2004
Top Definition
The process of pissing all over a girls face who is 14 years of age or younger for sexual arrousal and total domination... Similiar to a golden shower but with girls 14 years or younger.
The old man pulled an R Kelly on the 14 year olf girl.
by calven March 19, 2003
When a male stands up and urinates on his underage partner after a sexual encounter.
When I was done with dat biotch I gave her an R. Kelly special and made her clean it up too.
I want to piss on you. Yes, I do.
by 50 cent crack dealer July 29, 2003
to pee on someone....
See I roll around sittin' on dubs, cat and the mouse high on shrubs.. coolin' in my escalade man i'm paid i got it made. take me to your special place, close your eyes show me your face......I'm going to piss on it. Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love, i dont even want none of the above i want to piss on you, yes i do, i piss on you i pee on, is that that ur body, ur body, is a portopotty, and i pee on it, like it knows karate(knows karate) imma pee on u, drip,drip,drip, pee on all on u, its on its on u.. u wont feel quite the same when you get a whiff of my hershey stains.. i wanna poop on u too, i wanna piss in ur food, the only the thing that makes my life complete is when i turn ur face to a toilet seat.. i want to piss on u, yes i do, yes i do i pee on u,i piss on.. wont u brade my head wont u brade my head
by steve February 28, 2005
1. The name of a r&b singer who releases songs that contradict each other. After releasing his famous song "Bump & Grind", which advocates sex, he released the song "I believe I can Fly", which was intended to uplift youth. This scumbag sings gospel, and then will come back with a song like "Feelin' on your booty" or "Fuckin' you Tonight". In addition to song singing skills, he is also notorious for having sex with young girls under 18. It started with Alliyah and then led to over 22 counts of Child Porn in two states. He has been known to tape his sexcapades with illegal chicks and forcing them to ride his johnson. What a prick!

2. The act of having sex with a minor.
Gaurav pulled an R. Kelly on that bitch!
by kilo May 08, 2003
Some dumb shit who had sex with a minor and pissed the fuck out of her. Enjoys being pissed on as well.
R Kelly pisses on minors for sexual enjoyment. He should write his own kamasutra.
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
the most talented bayfucker in history. with hit songs like "I know she's 5 but i fucked her anyway", "Tell me baby...what's your diaper size", and his newest hit "fucked you at daycare", R. Kelly has managed to monopolize the petifile industry while still getting half you dumb fucks to like him and believe he is innocent. in the Past he had married aliah (i don't know howhe got her to say "i do", she wasn't even old enough to speak!), & had sex with the hansons (which he thought were three small blonde girls. R. Kelly has had more sex with children that Ted Nugent has buffalo. but please keep buying his records so he has money to video tape more footage of him fucking your children before they are even born. i would say he needs shot but doing that would only keep our children sexually safe forever.
" the day my daughter was born i couldn't wait to go to the nursery to see her for the first time since the birth...but when i got there i was outrage to see R. Kelly missionary on my 2 day old baby.
by bizz March 05, 2004
When a older person male is trying to get with someone female much much younger than they are.
My boy wana holla at old is he??He's 22..Sorry but tell him to take his R-Kelly ass and go somwhere..i'm only 14.
by Vickey July 12, 2005
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