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Literally translated as "red porridge with cream," this is a Danish dessert dish traditionally made with red currants, raspberries, basically any red berry-like fruit, and topped with cream and/or whipped cream.

It is also a tongue twister that Danes use to mercilessly screw with non-Danes. They'll make you say it. If you're not from Denmark, it's impossible. They will laugh. Hard.
Example 1

Person A: Dude, my friend makes the best rødgrød med fløde ever, and she’s not even from Denmark!
Person B: The fuck did you just say bruh?

Example 2

Dane: Can you say rødgrød med fløde?
Non-Dane: Ro, gro, meh flu?
Dane: Haha, dumbass.
by ScrewU22 August 18, 2011
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