Rythem and blues, containing the words soft, smooth, and fine in the context of a woman
Girl... Girl you're fine, Girl you're soft. FI-HI-INE Girl, you soft. FI-HI-INE
by cockblowingly awesome January 23, 2005
R&B is also slang for rap and bullshit coined by Wu-Tang Clan
Fuck Nelly he into R&B rap and bullshit
#nelly #jay-z #pharell #common #kanye west
by farsydatown November 11, 2006

No really, it's music for pansies.
*yawn* zzzZZZ snore...snooze snooze...
by *yawn* July 09, 2004
Stands for Rhythm and Blues, which really derived from Jazz music. Today's Contemporary so-called R&B consists of some artists like Alicia Sneeze (Keys) and R. Smelly (Kelly)who do nothing to help (esp. R. Kelly) and ruin your day with alienating love songs.
"Man! Can't they think of anything else instead of this cliche boy meets girl stuff? I mean, not everyone can date easily!
"Man, I don't know!
by TheNewAgeRiseth May 09, 2005
Rythm & Blue's, or Rubbish & Black.
You stupid nigger, you're so R&B.
#nigger #black #e&b #rubbish #blue
by Soju April 10, 2007
Um... heavy metal fans are not "stupidest" (which isn't even a word). My husband listens to heavy metal (and not the so called "heavy metal" you hear on the radio like Metallica (new stuff). My husband is extremly smart. He graduated with honors in H.S. And he could beat you in any kind of a test, judging by the way you type. Don't judge people by the music they listen to, that is something a stupid person does. It doesn't matter if they listen to R&B or heavy metal, the type of music someone happens to listen to has nothing to do with there intelligence.
blah blah blah..... blah.....Blah blah blah.... I dont have an example I just wanted to correct the person who doesn't know stupidest isn't a word.
by KkBb July 31, 2005
Shit music that destroys the meaning of "talent". simple shit beat and looped music over and over and over........ZZZZZZ "is it morning yet? i had enough of listening to this shit"

They say its "normal music" i say a poor attempt. its equalivent to noise in the morning.
R&B = Rubbish & Bollocks (yea, thye're all fags)
by Hidori June 05, 2005
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