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-I euphoric feeling stronger than love.
- Unrelenting joy and devotion

Qworfing / Qworfed

Qworfing: An undying want/need to be next to or held by the person you are qworfing
Qworfed: One-sided qworf
-I qworf her with all my heart and soul.
-Although it has been less than a year of dating, I can't shake this feeling that I qworf her.
by Sawraith November 13, 2011
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A made up word that I just typed.
It means: "Do your homework, stop doing what you're doing."
P1: Haha I'm using urbandictionary to make up a word.
P2: Qworf.
P1: *Leaves*
by NotADoggo November 20, 2016
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