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(1) An awesome cute bombshell thats always there when you need her most!

(2) A girl who abandons the USA to live in Brazil.

(3) Gorgeous!

(4) Probably the most awesome person you'll ever meet! She's beautiful, smart, funny, probably the easiest person to talk to in the whole world, lovable, has breasts that change sizes and are difficult to find bras for, speaks her mind, always up for a challenge, and is not even close to what you would assume from a first impression!!!

(5) Skilled oral sex machine!!
(2) (mike) where is tina?

(Joe) She moved to brazil bro!!

(mike) What?!?! What a fuckin quortni!

(3) Wow you look so quortni

(4) (guy 1)Dude this girl i met the other day is like perfect in every way

(guy 2)Is she a quortni?

(guy 1)Oh yea she's deffinitely a quortni!=D

(5) Bro this girl last night sucked the best dick dude!!! She was a total quortni!
by The Punisher Bitch!With a bigD October 23, 2009
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The most incredible person in the world that will make your heart beat fast, your knees go weak, and a smile spread across your face every time he talks to you. The greatest person to talk to at 3:30 a.m about anything and everything.. Or simply nothing at all. The one you can trust to make you happy and the one you wish you could make the happiest girl in the world. The one you want to hold you every night and the one you want to kiss you awake every morning. The one that drives you crazy and the one that keeps you sane. The one that makes you fall deeper in love every day and the one that just loves you back. The one that you see in your dreams and the one that wants to make your dreams come true. The one that is perfect in your eyes. The one that lets you ramble on and on about absolutely nothing and the one that wouldn't have it any other way. The one you love with all of your heart and the one that means everything to you.
The one that you could go on about for days and still not do her justice.

The one that is indescribable.
(teacher)Timmy please define perfection

(Timmy) Quortni
by same as first October 24, 2009
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