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Quizilla is a site that was originally for quizzes only, but now has sections for stories, polls, poems, etc. I've only been a member on Quizilla for a few months, but from reading other reviews of the site, I can tell it's changed a lot. Apparently, it used to have honestly really good quizzes and stories that have actual depth and meaning to them, but now it's been over-run with fanctionists and teen girls with nothing to write but things like "Date with a Vampire - Chapter 12" or "Living at Hogwarts: Vol. 24". I can;t say that i haven't done at least a small amount of a few of those things, but I never did it excessively and don't really do it now. Now, though I still write about vampyres mostly (hey, I'm 13, give me a break), I'm a much more mature writer and actually do most of my writing personally. Anyway, Quizilla does still have some good members on it, though I can't think of any at the moment. But, there is good material being made by people that are worth a read. So, in short, Quizilla is a fun place to entertain yourself with mostly fun quizzes and good stories, so give it a visit and decide for yourself.
Person 1: Have you been on Quizilla.com lately?
Person 2: Yeah, I have.
Person 1: Did you see that quiz about your future?
Person 2: Totally! I took it and actually got a good answer!
by creature July 19, 2012
enraged llama
he attacked the quizilla
by me June 18, 2003