Quizilla is a site that was originally for quizzes only, but now has sections for stories, polls, poems, etc. I've only been a member on Quizilla for a few months, but from reading other reviews of the site, I can tell it's changed a lot. Apparently, it used to have honestly really good quizzes and stories that have actual depth and meaning to them, but now it's been over-run with fanctionists and teen girls with nothing to write but things like "Date with a Vampire - Chapter 12" or "Living at Hogwarts: Vol. 24". I can;t say that i haven't done at least a small amount of a few of those things, but I never did it excessively and don't really do it now. Now, though I still write about vampyres mostly (hey, I'm 13, give me a break), I'm a much more mature writer and actually do most of my writing personally. Anyway, Quizilla does still have some good members on it, though I can't think of any at the moment. But, there is good material being made by people that are worth a read. So, in short, Quizilla is a fun place to entertain yourself with mostly fun quizzes and good stories, so give it a visit and decide for yourself.
Person 1: Have you been on Quizilla.com lately?
Person 2: Yeah, I have.
Person 1: Did you see that quiz about your future?
Person 2: Totally! I took it and actually got a good answer!
by creature July 19, 2012
enraged llama
he attacked the quizilla
by me June 18, 2003
Quizilla was a user-based website originally used for writing quizzes on an easy to create format. When many users started making romance quizzes written in second-person, a "stories" section was added, along with "poems" and "lyrics". Popular quizzes went along the lines of "what colour is your heart", and "which movie/tv show/book character are you?". A different type of story-based quiz, called a "Who Would Fall For You" or "Who Would You Fall For" quiz also became popular. These types of quizzes revolved around the reader being in romantic situations with tv show, movie, and book characters, or characters made up by the author.

Due to a drastic loss of active users, the site was shut down in October, 2014.
Quizilla was really fun to go on before it was shut down.
by anglonerdy February 10, 2015

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