A site that once housed creative stories, quizzes, and poems that has now been over-run by 12 year old girls who have no sense of proper grammar and only want to write about falling in love with vampires and anything Twilight related. You can also find a mixture of other popular topics (always romance stories) such as: Any popular anime show, Harry Potter, Werewolves, and a well known famous person. Anything that is well written and not necessarily about falling in love with a mythical creature will be rejected and rated poorly. A place that once used to be a good outlet to get criticism and post well written pieces of work, Quizilla has become all about getting the best ratings on your crappy story about "Vampire Love".
Beth: Hey did you see my new story about Nick Jonas I posted on Quizilla!!!!!?!?!?!??!!
Jamie: No because Quizilla is for idiots who write the same boring stories and just change around the names and species of the main character's love interest.
by WickedWriterChick December 09, 2009
Top Definition
A web site where users have the ability to create quizzes on ANY subject then add questions and answers to their preference. This has proved increasingly popular but probmatic too, all down to this exact reason. The pages within used to be rather cool and somewhat...fun, but now it has been infested with little children either making pointless surveys where they desperatley plea for "cyber", giving on the option "yes" to it all, leading to their e-mail addresses popping up on the screen of results, or they just make rubbish questionaires like "GOFFIK OR NOT!!!111", or "R U GAY/AS COOL AS ME???".

However, there are some witty and mature people on the site, though the only "masterpieces" they make are honestly...NOT quizzes at all, rather very long, perennial and boring romance "novels", which usually go by the names of "A date with a vampire - part 45" or "The hot foreign exchange student at Hogwarts - chapter 12". These are all just a subtle way to do the exact same thing as their toddler enemies, as usually they will get "rated" the "highest score" by poor, helpless teenage girls who focus on nothing more than gaining around 5 boyfriends on the doomed website by sending countless numbers of private messages to the authors.
All in all, Quizilla was once a unique and informative experiece of what other people can think up, but now it it cursed and has little hope of any restoration from it's former glory...
by Ross September 21, 2004
A once amazing site with witty quizzes such as 'Which Breakfast Club Character Are You' and 'Which Shoe Should You Wear' that has now become infested by pointless and poorly made quizzes that are not even real quizzes about how 'hot' Draco Malfoy is, which belong on fanfiction.net., plus even more stupid ones with titles like 'Wanna Cyber' and 'Which 1 of my frendz r u'
Quizilla fucking sucks.
by BloodyXXMaryXX April 04, 2005
A website where users may create their own quizzes. This is bad for the most part, as most of these are not quizzes at all, but redundant and pointless stories about Harry Potter, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inu Yasha, and a variety of other things that nobody save for 13-year-old girls with liquid shit for brains cares about. There are also various quizzes there to remind people what high school clique they are in.
Quizilla has more spam than a paranoid guy's basement.
by El Fredo October 10, 2004
An absolutely amazing website. Once a really cool place to hang out, and home to some fun, entertaining quizzes, it has now fallen into fanfiction hell. If you load the site's Top Rated list, you'll get something to the effect of "A date with Harry Potter, volume 181" and/or "LeStat and You Vol. 8: THE LEMON!"

However, not all of Quizilla is bad. Behind the cliche romances, the porn, and the bad Anne Rice fanfiction, there are some really good quizzes. "Claim Your Wings" and "What Color is Your Heart?" are two great ones, but there are countless others.

The other great part about Quizilla is the people. The site is based in Salt Lake City, the home of its sweet, witty owner, who works his ass off on a daily basis. The users, for the most part, are awesome people as well. Chaoscomesatnite, Freyja525, SarahLyn, and Shattered-Sorrow are awesome people, as are the other people who make actual quizzes, not just those terrible romances and porn. (Although the romance writers are the perkiest, kindest people you'll ever meet.)

All in all, Quizilla is definitely worth a visit, despite the awful downtime.
Marie: Nicolette, have you ever heard of Quizila.com?
Nicolette: No.
Marie: Well, it's awesome.
Nicolette: Ok.
by Ophelia Desdemona May 03, 2005
A once very fun site soley devoted to quizzes, which were inventive, funny and witty. Too bad it is now predominated by wangsty fangirls writing TERRIBLE second-person smutfanfiction going by the name of 'XXX Date with Lestat/Voldemort/Kurt Cobain Part 421 XXX' or 'Im the only gawth in Hogwrats!!!!!!!!11111 for gurlz only'. Run FAST.
Quizilla must be saved.
by Merlin's Beard April 04, 2006
In the beginning, there was Quizilla. A wonderfull site where you could just dick around with quizzes like, "What FFVII Character do you most resemble?" and such things like that. Then came the "Story Quizzes" which used imagination and halarity to tell decent stories from a person whole imagination. As the site became more popular, there also came quizzes like, "A night with Harry Potter-78- WOW YOU'RE GOOD!!" Along with useless spamming.

Now the site is over-run with cheesey fanfics about fictional characters, and celebraties, written by wanna-be writers who're lonly and decide to share their secret fantasies with the rest of the world.

Sadly, it is now hard to find a decent story quiz, and because of the useless fangirls that have overrun the site, most of the better writers have left.

Now, Quizilla isn't a bad site at all. It offers messaging, creation of your own quizzes, a confused and useless search engine, and a dedicated creator. But if you want to find a decent story among the masses of fanfics, spam-quizzes, and cyber offers, it might take you a bit of time. Of course, a good story is always rare.
Good quiz-masters:

Bad quiz-masters:
78% of the authors on Quizilla
by Lay An Egg May 09, 2006
A "quiz" site housing quizzes,

However now it has become a haven for vague RPG's, Fan Fiction and porn, sometimes all three.
For some reason the owners ain't discouraging this. We can only hope they do a fan fiction.net on thier asses.
It's also a cool way to kill time.
"What colour are your wings"

"Teacher's pet - part 14 "talking" things out - Harry Potter"
by NatE January 06, 2005
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