one of the most awesome people you will have the honor of meeting. he is intelligent and crazy. until he is 18 he will continually be crazy because he is still allowed to be. he will never give into peer pressure. awesome singer. speaks japanese and is learning russian. undeniably awesome in every way shape and form.
dude, what was that awesome thing that just went by?
man that was quinton. i heard he speaks japanese even.
seriously? my japanese friends cant even speak japanese.
quinton is just that awesome.
hey, was he that guy smoking weed with us before?
no. he doesn't give into peer pressure. seems kinda dumb, but he is still uber awesome.
by applesoft April 10, 2011
That super hot, sexy, brilliant guy at the office that you've had your eye on for months and don't know how to approach.
Oh my God! There's Quinton again. Oh what I wouldn't like to do with him, for him. If only he would notice me. He is so hot in that brilliant nerdy way. I desperately want to have sex with him. I wish I knew how to approach him.
by Q fan January 12, 2010
The most amazing boyfriend anyone could ever hope to have. He's sweet, and handsome, and he means the world to me.
by romanticallydisturbed October 05, 2011
A unit equal to 500 psi
250 psi is half a Quinton
by sam123456nam March 09, 2011
Very smart, often the one that follows you and your friends. Seems gay at times
by Icshta October 11, 2011
1) The term used to describe an individual that has not came out of the closet yet.

2) A weird, usually black, dumbass male who hangs around in people's room leaving tv's on.

3) The biggest form of gay
"Man that test was gay."
"Ya, that was gayer then Quinton."
"Fuck, that's pretty gay"
by Penis Licker 666666 March 29, 2010
Is Full Of Pimps And Hoes
Of Which Both Like To Give Head!

B32 Is The Place To Be!
"I Give Head To This Bitch/Dude Last Night"

"I REP B32 Blud Quinton All The Way!"
by NayseHea August 26, 2008

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