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The use of a highly-educated word that requires the listening person to look it up or try to define it in context. (Coined by Aisha Tyler and Zachary Levi)
"Equivocation" when used in a non-formal conversation is considered a quinto.

Using a slang word and having to look it up is not considered a quinto.
by Miningguy August 20, 2011
a synonym for excellence in every aspect of life. especially pertaining to car rentals and racquetball.
the aveo we rented last week was freaking Quintos!
by PQ23 February 04, 2010
The fourth hole of a women, located behind the knew.

*Note: Must believe its there, like Hogwarts.
Blake: "Dude check out that chicks quinto."
Alex: Giggidy.
by The Blakester October 18, 2007

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