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a condition where straight girls are turning gay for the fabulous Quin sisters.
Beth: Hey, Jessica. You are straight, aren't you?

Jessica:I don't know if I am. I think I am becoming Quinsexual from listening to Tegan and Sara so much.
by Tegan Quin July 09, 2011
17 3

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a straight woman who will definitely go gay only for either of the Quin twins (Tegan or Sara).
You can see a lot of Quinsexuals during Tegan and Sara tours.
by Lword June 05, 2011
10 0
you love yourself, men, women, animals, and inanimate objects
i walk into a room and fuck myself, my wife, my manwhore, my african elephant and my fan
by poophead October 18, 2003
21 31