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I homo ass pedophile, who lives the northwoods. to be called this IS a vary bad thing. means to act gay or chase young underage girls.
make sure mike doesn't Quin that girl tonight she's 16
by Joshler January 31, 2005
60 94
A white male that is rumored to be the greatest thing to ever brace the earth with his awesomeness. He is supposed to have golden hair that only a GOD could have. His swag makes your swag look like a bitch. He enjoys chinese food and fried chicken. He has muscles on his muscles and swag on his swag. One day you could run into this legendary super-human and bow down. If you are lucky, he might let you live.
Boy#1 "Did you hear about the Quin sighting?!"

Boy#2 "Yeah dude! I heard he castrated someone by looking at him!"
by MikeHunt405 October 20, 2010
153 72
Quin is a beautiful, friendly chick who everyone wants to be friends with. She is cute, not to mention talented! All the guys want her, because of her stunning looks and down-to-earth personality. She is smart, hot, and co-ordinated. She has a flat stomach, of course, and beautiful, glossy hair.
That Quin is gorgeous.
by coolkiwichick May 28, 2011
57 34
quin is a smart, sexy, gorgeous girl. she has a flat stomach and is the cutest thing alive. like seriously, she is perfection. she has standards though, so all the guys want her so bad, and would die to have her. she's skinny but not anorexic, and is adorable, an awesome kisser, sweet and friendly. she's passionate and flirty, and is the best you'll ever have in bed. not kidding, as long as you're a straight male. she's not lesbian or bi sorry.
i want her, she's the sexiest female alive.
yeah, she's a quin.
by dayuuuumsheep September 30, 2011
67 48
Something that is just a little off, or outta place.
Someone that needs to get off tha gas.
-Charlie Sheen is quin.
-That girl got 4 different baby daddy's but only 3 kids, that's quin.
by dfkgjhklsdck March 29, 2011
42 46
wierd bitch, drama queen
Quin is a slut.
by yo March 16, 2003
186 199
The most perfect woman, ever!
by Wildarmsheero April 25, 2004
116 134
A white anglo-saxon protistant who fears change and black people.
"Dude, I heard that Griff is a total Quin. Let's stone him. To death."
by J Hyphen Dog April 16, 2004
54 87