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One of the most beautiful-but-boring place in Brittany! People are said to be alcoholic in Quimper, and sober people in Quimper are considered as spies.
- Gosh, you're drunk!

- Yeah, i've been to quimper and I got bored!
by laurenthd29 November 08, 2010
The pubic hair around a lady's vagina
I shaved my quimper today
by bexiestbex July 11, 2011
Combination of quiver and a wimper.
The sex was so good, it made me quimper.
by Chris Villanueva February 26, 2005
1. quimper ( n ): a whiny noise made by the vagina. closely related to the minge burp. sounds like a fridge door opening but squeekier.

2. quimper ( n ): a piece of clothing so badly knitted it looks like it was made by a blind person with no hands.

1. i was going down on her when suddenly she quimpered in my face.

2. shit, that top nan made for me for xmas is a proper quimper
by JoeStBlaBlaBla March 19, 2006