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A quill is a writing utensil from the 17th century.
Thomas Jefferson wrote the DOI with a feather quill.
by jj 32 July 10, 2006
New word for cool, fly, awesome, etc.
You wish you could be as quill as me.
by Dank Spit-Fire April 11, 2009
Quills is a young lady under the age of 25 that drives around a beat up car, and causes troubles for people who live in the inner city or "hood." Quills are usually white girls, but can be of any ethnicity, and can apparently come from any financial background...
"it's quills fool run!!"

"quills usually runs 52nd street sucka"
by Ron Posterity January 02, 2008
shocking. Causing pain as well as consternation.
by T-Bone October 28, 2003
i really dont no, but wot a word. its a utility word used at your own discretion, in my case when pissed off.
leila. wot a quill.
by Norm March 20, 2004

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