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(n) A quick search on Wikipedia for simple clarification

(v) To quickly search something on Wikipedia for simple clarification
(n) John Wayne Gacy Jr.: Hey John Wilkes Booth, has Jimmy McMillan run for office prior to this year's gubernatorial election?
John Wilkes Booth: I don't know, John Wayne Gacy Jr., I'll give it a quickipedia.

(v) John Wayne Gacy Jr.: I quickipedia'd it--the average penis size is NOT 7 inches.
by Rikard Plisken October 26, 2010
To quickly look something up on wikipedia for a small question or common knowledge.
Dude, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
Hold on let me quickipedia it.
by opsisium February 16, 2011

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